Kayaking Resurrection Bay

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The Mission: Navigate the open waters of Resurrection Bay in Seward, Alaska via Kayak.

The Prep: 
During peak season, I always recommend making reservations in advance. I love kayaking, but I’m no pro so I decided to go with a half-day tour instead of the full-day tour in hopes of having full use of my arms the next day. Opting for the half-day tour gives you more time options, so if you’re not a morning person you can go later in the day. I made reservations with Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking for a 3-hour tour of Resurrection Bay for $70.

The Gear:
Check out Sunny Cove’s recommendations for what to wear and bring here.
I recommend bringing a warm, dry pair of socks for afterwards.
Once again, it was a lovely rainy day for my adventure so I packed on light layers, my waterproof jacket and waterproof pants. Once out on the water, I completely forgot it was raining. I felt totally dry and comfortable the entire trip.

The Execution:
We arrived 15 minutes early at the gear shed to get outfitted with everything we would need for our day on the water. Once geared up, the guides moved the group down to the beach to go over safety, the basics of kayaking and answer any questions. Once we were rigged, the guides helped us into our kayaks and pushed us out into the water.

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The guides were great about keeping us together as a group, pointing out wildlife, and answering my questions about landscape and the color of the water. Despite the rain, the waters were smooth and our paddles glided through the water like a knife through soft butter. The lush green landscape, rocky beaches and soaring wildlife made paddling through the dense mist feel like a dream. After paddling for a while, we stopped off at a black rock beach for a quick walk and sightseeing. We ran into a few campsites and man-made shelters before we  got back into our kayaks to continue our trip. Once back on the water, we were lucky enough to have the rare opportunity to spot humpback whales in the distance! We stopped for a few minutes to enjoy the beauty of these majestic creatures before we continued our trip back to Lowell Point. In total, we spent about 2.5 hours on the water and my arms weren’t even sore the next day!

The Highlights:

  • Level of difficulty: moderate
  • The scenery was beautiful and a great opportunity for wildlife viewing.
  • Waterproof, not water-resistant clothing is highly recommended.
  • A walk on the beach is not guaranteed.
  • Yes, my arms were a bit tired the next day, but still functioning!

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